WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE Wrestlemania 34 Hall Of Fame: Everyone Being Inducted In 2018


Wrestlemania is in corner 34 and in addition to PPV, the weekend is full of NXT Takeover Saturday and the WWE Hall of Fame is held on Friday. Every year, WWE recognizes the fighters who have worked with the company in full compliance with the overall fight.

This year, WWE adds its first seven fighters and another person to their Celebrity Wing. These iconic fighters will participate in Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant series. From now on Jeff Jarrett will start. Jarrett left the WWE with a new generation and position for a generation 92.99. Early in the year, but TNA fighting began in 2002. After an interest checker with TNA had a tumultuous relationship, he went to Robert Carter. Jarrett deserves a good credit to support today’s WWE superstars, like Bobby Roode and AJ Styles.

This year the Hall of Fame is the only woman marvel. His career began in GLOW with the name of Tina Ferrari. GLOW was the only member of the federation to be a distinguished career outside the show. While working with WWE, he met some of the stories he knew about Ivory, he was not a member of the right of censorship, but he was stable under the height of Hunting Era, because WWE wanted to make a nice family.
WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Director:

    Goldberg (made by Paul Heyman)
Ivory (caused by Molly Holly)
Mark Henry
Dudley Boys (Edge and Christian)
Jeff Jarrett
Hillybilly Jim
Kid Rock (Celebrity Wing)

In the Hall of Fame you will be able to participate in the WWE network on Friday, April 6th, and playback after the end of the ceremony. After the writing, the time of the event has not been announced. Make sure again GameSpot in the coming weeks for Wrestlemania madness and PPV coverage!