On the east coast this week there are a lot of drama, but fortunately not in Rhode Island.

CES MMA returns to the evening with a few titles on the card, and none of these battles are attacked.

In the CES MMA 49 main event, Nate Andrews (12-1) will play against Chris Padilla (9-3) against the title of the campaign’s light. In the championship of the Chris Curtis (17-5) champion, Jason Norwood (18-4) will defend the chariot.

The CES MMA is 49 place tonight at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I. The plan will fly directly to AXS on TV.

Before two title games, AXS TV Fights’ Phoenix Carnevale talked with all four-fighter fighters to win the championship thoughts.

At the top, check out Carnevale Andrews and Pedilla. Then do not miss the interview with Curtis and Norwood.

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