Henderson vs. Huerta

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Then approx. A month later, Viacom’s MMA version begins with Bellator 196 in Budapest, Hungary. Marking match is expected to be equipped with MMA backstop Ben Henderson lock horn, once-off Sports Illustrated Cover Model Roger Huerta. Huerta will be back after the eight-year race of another campaign. Conventional events will be the son of Adam Borics in Budapest against Teodor Nikolov against 11-1 in Bulgaria.

Era card sees Denise Kielholtz taking five-hour verdenskonkurceringscampion out of his second Bellator MMA to make the appearance of promotional petra Castkova. SBG Ireland Brian Moore has shown fourth position with the departure of Giorgio Belsanti from Italy. Opening the main card, college fight standout returns to Ed Ruth action, but with a weight of 175 lb. catch with this time, 17-7 veteran Ion Pascu face.

Bellator 196 will be open this afternoon at 9:00 p.m. at the Paramount Network. EDT (Tape Delay).
Ben Henderson (24-8 MMA; 1-3 Bellator) vs. Roger Huerta (24-9-1 MMA; 1-2 Bellator): Arina

He left the UFC to disappear from Benson Henderson in the 1-3 campaign of Bellator, due to his solitary victory due to injury TKO Bellator 160 at 2016. Since it will be a fair, he debuted against Henderson much bigger against Andrey Koreshkov and his second two loss of advertising Michael Chandler and Patricky Freire They have come together with a joint decision. Henderson is facing a challenge that faces no-one champion or former champion, which is a struggle he needs to adapt.

It seems only yesterday that Roger Huerta was the face of MMA and he was laughed at Sports Illustrated, hoping for a future of sport. After delaying UFC loss, Huerta Bellator tried to win 1-2 with ONE FC in 2012 and reached 2-3. In his final match, Huerta Hayder Hassan got his shot off at Phoenix FC in December. Henow has organized a match with two matches, on the way to the Bellator campaign. You can not but consider how many Huerta, but fair, can be said Henderson.
Adam Borics (6-0 MMA; 1-0 Bellator) vs Teodor Nikolov (11-1 MMA; Bellator debuts): Spring Weight

Made in Hungary Adam Borics kept the perfect record in the first round RNC to Anthony Taylor a year ago, when the host of the campaign showed their inaugural event in Budapest Bellator 177. Borics showed the Hungarian Boxing in Hong Kong’s combinations was an absorbing experience but sealed the deal ended sealing, back to hang in position. Can a direct agreement be 24?

Teodor Nikolov wins his first debut at 11-1 and has won 11 wins. Nikolov’s finishes were sent to eight, with another 3 wins. Nikolov’s 12 professional games have quickly ended Bulgaria has not yet participated in the third round. Will Nikolov’s Bellator Scene Leap Boric’s Shine Approximately?
Denise Kielholtz (MMA 1-1; 1-0 Bellator) against Petra Castkova (3-2 MMA: Bellator appearance): (W) Flyvægt

Denise Kielholtz debuted with his Bellator MMA with a sensational Caveman armbar promotion veteran Jessica Middleton with 1:16 just in the opening round. Although Kielholtz is a five-hour verdenskonkurrencampion, it is also a black Judo belt, and even more was the national Dutch member of the judo team. His opponent, Petra Castkova, could have only five shots under his belt, but he racked some worldly experience – along with the tiles in the Czech Republic, Poland and even Germany. Castkova Budapest has a unique opportunity for Hungary to steal the commitment to Kielholtz and make a new promotion.
Brian Moore (10-6 MMA; 1-2 Bellator) against Giorgio Belsanti (7-6-1 MMA; 1-0 Bellator): Spring Weight

SBG Ireland’s Brian Moore has already been subjected to a tribunal for Bellator-sponsored competition and message giving veteran Daniel Weichsel and hot prospect A.J. to McKee His only winning Bellator, Moore showed some powerful combinations to another TKO of Michal Horejsi. Bellator 196 will give us another chance when Moore does not compete against the world champion or a golden vision.

Giorgio Belsanti has his promotional debut! At one point, Vando de Almeida taking his home in front of Italy Bellator 176. Belsanti had the opportunity to win his touch to stretch three straight ahead and not to become a 5,500 fighter under the Bellator banner 2-0.
Ed Ruth (4-0 MMA / Bellator) vs. Ion Pascu (17-7 MMA; Bellator debuts): Libra fifth £ 175